Head of department: Elham Taherian

An Environmental Health expert is in charge of this unit.

The most important responsibilities of this unit:

  • Determining health priorities and planning to improve the health status of the hospital environment
  • Following up and monitoring the implementation of regulations, standards, circulars and notified instructions
  • Participating in environmental health committees and controlling of hospital infections and following up of its approvals
  • Continuous health visits and monitoring of all parts of the hospital
  • Supervising the separation, collection, transportation and decontamination of hospital waste
  • Hygienic control of water consumption in terms of quantity and quality and periodic microbial, chemical and chlorination tests based on existing instructions, standards and conditions
  • Supervising the collection, purification and sanitary disposal of hospital wastewater
  • Training and supervising on how to use detergents and disinfectants
  • Planning and following up on improving the hospital environment
  • Checking the technical and hygienic condition of the air conditioning system in the hospital (heating and cooling) and solving possible problems
  • Planning to fight insects and rodents with the priority of improving the environment
  • Continuous monitoring and controlling of the laundry in order to implement the health rules and regulations
  • Necessary supervision and coordination in the food supply, cooking and distribution chain with the cooperation of a nutritionist to ensure the health of the food distributed in the hospital
  • Following up on matters related to the health of employees (vaccination and obtaining health cards of service employees, kitchen, laundry) and ...
  • Submitting reports of hospital health problems to the relevant authorities and pursuing the elimination of deficiencies
  • Participating in the planning and implementation of training programs for staff, patients and trainees
  • Collecting and analyzing of relevant statistical information