Psychology Ward

Head of department: Ms. Moslemifar (Master of Clinical Psychology)

Clinical psychologist provides counseling and psychology services to patients with mental disorders and target groups (patients, patients' families, people at risk). He/she provides care for patients with mental disorders. Also he/she provides services to patients with learning disabilities, perceptual, and behavioral problems. Moreover, he/she teaches the principles and concepts of mental health, individual and group guidance and counseling to the public by assessing patients' mental disorders by observing, interviewing and psychological tests and participating in the implementation of treatment programs.

Responsibilities and tasks:

  • Studying information about psychological services in all areas of empowerment of the target community.
  • Planning based on three levels of prevention in the areas of education, counseling and rehabilitation.
  • Studying of neurological diseases and determination of type, prevalence of these diseases in the country.
  • Studying of determination of the necessary standards for mental health, development and implementation of indicators and models of mental health.
  • Studying of the problems of student environments.
  • Planning and monitoring the promotion of students' mental health.
  • Planning and implementation of necessary trainings and retraining for staff and student environments.
  • Studying and researching on mental illness and determining the type and volume of mental illness.
  • Participating and cooperating in the development and implementation of community psychology development programs.
  • Coordinating and attracting intra-sectoral and extra-sectoral collaborations in promoting mental health programs.
  • Preparing, collecting, controlling, analyzing of necessary statistics to perform relevant reports.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of mental health executive performance in urban, rural centers and health houses.
  • Supervising and providing counseling to all centers and units providing psychological services.
  • Performing psychological tests such as tests of intelligence, personality and talents of individuals, making and standardizing tests to help psychiatric diagnoses.
  • Interviewing, evaluating, diagnosing and participating in appropriate treatment programs for patients and target groups.
  • Completing of clients' psychological records and registration of required information.
  • Periodic visits of psychiatric patients hospitalized in the center wards and reflection of necessary reports to the treating physician.
  • Cooperating in the implementation of psychological interventions in disasters for different levels.
  • Preparing and organizing educational programs and texts for target groups.
  • Active participation in internships, skills and training courses in order to improve job knowledge and capabilities and applying its results in performing assigned tasks.
  • Participating in applied research in the field of health system in the relevant job.


Telephone: 02333460055 - Internal: 2392

" psychological services are provided every day, except holidays, from 7.30 am to 2.15 pm."