NICU of Amir-al-Momenin Hospital is one of the referral centers of the newborns in the region that can serve all babies born in Labor, and Obstetrics and Gynecology, obstetrics surgery and the hospita’s operating room as well as newborns admitted from other hospitals in Semnan province.

The NICU section of the hospital is located adjacent to the gynecology and operating room, and has 6 beds that include advanced incubators and following equipments:

  • Mechanical ventilation device
  • Monitoring Machine, Pump of Infusion
  • Phototherapy machine
  • Central suction
  • There are also three CPAP positive pressure ventilation devices
  • Blender oxygen machine
  • Portable radiology device with lead patch
  • ABG machine, portable ultrasound machine
  • Collector (to help get IvLine Varmer)
  • Oxygen pulse device showing the amount of oxygen saturated in blood
  • Oxygen analyzer, which is used to measure the concentration of oxygen under the hood and the incubator, etc., is to monitor oxygen therapy and to prevent the risk of high oxygen concentrations, especially in premature infants.

The Nursing Station is equipped with NICU beds and has central monitoring.

 At NICU, baby admission is done at birth time which is divided into several categories.

  •  Premature Neonate
  •  Patients with Congenital Causes
  •  Patients with genetic causes
  •  Patients with congenital anomalies and heart problems

 Birth defects includes asphyxia, Meconium aspiration, childbirth injuries on brain and organs

Postpartum diseases include:

Premature birth, birth abnormalities such as hydrocephalus, Microcephaly, cleft palate, lip gaps, seizure (due to calcium deficiency, sugar deficiency due to meningitis), sepsis

  • A pediatrician is responsible for NICU department.
  • Experienced nursing staff that is familiar with the equipment and recovery and CPR.
  • Trained service personnel whose activities are limited to the NICU environment are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the site.
  • There are specific educational protocols for the treatment of neonatal problems and all physicians are fully aware of mechanical ventilation and administration of surfactant, intubation, chest tube assimilation, umbilical vein catheterization and emergency treatment.