Head of department: Mr. Saeed Omidi

Internal No: 2417

Responsibilities of the Head of Hospital Finance

  • Supervising the registration of bank accounts of active accounts every day, including receiving and paying and controlling the balance of accounts and resolving disputes and preparing bank discrepancies, and if necessary, in relation to doing things.
  • Preparing and setting up credit and liability books for each year separately
  • Requesting a revolving salary from the accountant for the current, special, development, etc. budget according to the allocations notified through the budget
  • Keeping documents and cash worthy documents such as bills, checks and promissory notes, stamps and bank guarantees, etc. in a safe environment
  • Having complete information of financial rules and regulations and transferring information to sub-accountants
  • Preparation and adjustment of bills and worthy documents in case of receipt of bills through accounting 
  • Supervising the receipt and delivery of general and specific revenues of the device and the necessary follow-up for the claims of previous years and submitting a report at the end of each month to the relevant units
  • Applying accounts and preparing and adjusting the status of bills and worthy documents from the relevant offices and presenting them to the competent authorities and settling accounts in case of change of service status.
  • Paying the revolving salary to the operator in accordance with the rules and regulations and monitoring its performance
  • Paying the legal, administrative, capital and proprietary documents in accordance with financial regulations
  • Submitting the necessary reports regarding credits, whether deficit or excess of credit, to the superior authority for reviewing and providing credit through competent authorities
  • Taking the necessary measures regarding the method of payment, current expenses, construction and identification of budget and bookkeeping topics according to the notified instructions
  • Preparing and adjusting the draft budget for the coming years according to the performance of the previous and current years.
  • Reviewing prepayments and accounts and complying them with pre-payment regulations and obtaining the necessary guarantees in this regard
  • Taking the necessary measures to improve the methods of the system to increase the efficiency and quality of work
  • Controlling and supervising of the broker regarding government transactions in accordance with the notified rules and its compliance with the relevant regulations.
  • Preparing and drafting administrative correspondence with financial departments
  • Preserving and protecting of treasury property, both consumable and non-consumable
  • Performing other assigned tasks according to the order of the superior authority