Head of department: Mr. Hamidreza Parsa

The medical equipment unit is generally responsible for organizing the affairs related to the medical equipment of this center in various dimensions, such as:

  • Repairs, service and repair of equipment defects
  • Fixing daily operator problems and emergencies
  • Contacting with importing, manufacturing, servicing and calibrating companies for purchasing consumable and capital equipment, occasional repairs and services, and calibration of medical equipment
  • Approving or announcing the equipment requests required by different departments and following them up

More detailed monitoring of the process of purchasing hospital equipment and supplies becomes its responsibility due to implementation of the health system transformation plan in the country since early 2014 simultaneously. In addition, periodic visits to hospital equipment and communication with units such as facilities, services, building administration, finance, operations, etc. for more coordination and acceleration of hospital affairs are among its tasks.

This center has various equipment in the Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatric groups, and the medical supporting units, such as the laparoscopic device in the gynecological surgery group, the auto analyzer device in the laboratory unit, the CT scan device in the imaging unit, the oxygen generator device, and so on.