Head of udepartment: Ms. Shokoofeh Bagheri

Tasks of the quality improvement unit:

  • Determining, prioritizing, measuring, analyzing and improving hospital indicators (management monitoring) with the participation of the Health Information Management Unit and other departments and units
  • Planning and coordinating internal audit, designing and implementing an appropriate intervention plan based on the analysis of audit results
  • Coordinating and integrating quality improvement activities throughout the hospital
  • Providing a list of priorities and quality improvement indicators throughout the hospital to the senior management team
  • Educating hospital staff on quality improvement topics
  • Following up the implementation of the approvals of the committees
  • Holding a quality improvement committee with the aim of developing a comprehensive quality improvement program, including clinical and non-clinical issues with the cooperation of heads of departments, units and members of the quality improvement committee to promote a unified and coordinated departments and units
  • Monitoring and evaluating hospital quality improvement program