Head of department: Masoumeh Zamani

Pathologist: Dr. Jafar Alavi Toosi

The laboratory unit of Amir Al-Momenin Hospital provides high quality paraclinical services to all patients admitted to the center and outpatients 24 hours a day with experienced staff and under the supervision of an experienced clinical and descriptive pathologist Dr. Nasrin Asgari.

Services provided in the following areas:

  • Hematology: Tests such as complete blood cell count, reticulocytes, peripheral blood smear and body fluid analysis
  • Biochemistry: Tests such as kidney function, liver function, blood lipids, metabolic status and body electrolytes
  • Coagulation: Tests such as coagulation status determination (CT, BT, PT, PTT)
  • Immunology: Tests such as serological tests (CRP-RF-ASO-RPR-…)
  • Microbiology: Direct tests and culture of urine, feces and body fluids, determination of sensitivity to antibiotics - Parasitology test
  • Blood Bank: Preparation of blood and its products for injection into patients admitted to the center and some special patients (thalassemia) and determination of blood group of outpatients
  • Grave index pregnancy test for outpatients and BHCG for inpatients