Head of department: Ms. Najmeh Ebrahimi

The hospital nutrition unit is a technical and executive unit under the supervision of the hospital manager. It provides services in coordination with related departments including nursing, food services, accreditation, etc.

It operates in the two areas of nutrition consulting and diet therapy and food service management. It cooperates with other members of the treatment team, by nutritional evaluation of patients, providing individual nutrition consulting and providing appropriate food services to provide, maintain and improve the health of patients. In this unit, hospital food services and patients' nutritional care are organized in a planned manner. Its performance and activity also has a great impact on patient satisfaction.

Food service management

Food service management includes a set of members (owners of food service processes), actions and regulations (based on specific job responsibilities). It provides food, artificial nutrition and snacks for patients, hospital staff and patient companions. Its production is presented in the patient's bedside, hospital restaurant and snack booth and cold food in the hospital.

The coordination between the food service unit and the treatment team is an important issue in hospital food service management. Food service managers must be responsible for delivering food to the ward, as a critical point. One of the main duties of a nutritionist in hospital food service management, according to the description of services in the establishment regulations of hospitals, is to monitor all food processes from purchase to consumption.

One of its concerns is budget constraints, especially at certain times when timely provision is unpredictable. It needs to be properly planned with the management of a nutritionist and other food service management members to prepare food with appropriate quality and in accordance with budget constraints.

Providing services:

  1. Nutrition Consulting
  • Nutrition Consulting for all diabetic - hypertensive - cardiac patients at the time of admission
  • Nutrition Consulting for patients who have been registered in the file by the physician.
  • Nutrition Consulting for outpatients referred by the center's physicians.
  • Nutrition Consulting, controlling and monitoring of phenylketonuria patients in Semnan province who are under the control of this center.
  • Performing and following up matters related to phenylketonuria patients
  1. Food management
  • Monitoring the proper implementation of the hospital food supply contract
  • Monitoring the quantity and quality of hospital food
  • Preparing and adjusting of a normal two-week diet plan for patients and staff
  • Preparing and adjusting daily food statistics
  • Confirming daily food cost lists

Nutrition unit clerk:

Nutrition unit clerk is a trustworthy person who is familiar with the activities of the nutrition unit. He/ She is under charge of the nutrition unit and is the link between the kitchen and the juicer with the nutrition unit. The following activities are expected under the supervision of a nutritionist from the nutrition unit clerk.

  • Participating in nutrition training classes
  • Doing things related to food chips and initial registration and organization of daily statistics, regular and accurate reporting to the nutrition unit
  • Monitoring and cooperating in collecting statistics of food consumers (patients, staff, companions) and presenting it to the contractor's representative
  • Direct monitoring over general cleaning of the environment, kitchen and dining room equipment
  • Direct monitoring of food distribution and snacks
  • Reflecting the opinions of staff and patients to the nutrition unit