Pediatric Infectious

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist offers a variety of services, including:

Consultation for the diagnosis and management of children with infectious diseases

Laboratory assistance in the diagnosis of infections

Treatment of infectious diseases

Assistance in the selection of antibiotics, antivirals, or other forms of therapy

Fighting infectious diseases today is much easier than in the past. With proper hygiene and proper precautions, in addition to numerous vaccines and rapidly advancing medical technology, people are better equipped than ever to avoid getting sick.

Infection Prevention

Prevention is the key to fighting many infectious diseases. Part of preventing the spread of an infectious disease includes:

Proper hand washing techniques

Following the nationally recommended immunization schedule for children and adults

Taking medications correctly

Even with proper prevention, sometimes a disease is unavoidable. Some reasons may include the following:


Evolution of drug-resistant strains of a disease

Changes in a person’s environment

Increased travel

Inappropriate use of prescription drugs

Lack of attention to proper personal hygiene