Head of department: Javad Hassannejad

Physician and technical manager:Dr Sanaz Ansari (specialized in mammography and breast ultrasound in the province)

Internal numbers: 2315, 2316 and 2308

Imaging department of Amir Al-Momenin Medical Research and Training Center, the only center providing HSG and VCUG services in the province

This section includes CT scan, mammography, radiography and sonography.

CT scan: All scans of the body are performed in accordance with health protocols.

Radiography: Specialized services including HSG, VCUG and IVP are performed.

It is the only center providing HSG or hysterosalpingography services that is the color image of the uterus, VCUG services or the color image of the bladder in children and infants, IVP or color image of the kidney in Semnan province.

Mammography: Fuji device, which is the best and most advanced technology in the world, is used.

Ultrasound: it is performed for children and women. There are two devices, Doppler (venous arteries) and vaginal ultrasound.

Mammography: weekdays from Saturday to Wednesday from 8 am to 1 pm

Radiography and CT scan are available around the clock, even during the holidays.