Semnan Province

Semnan province is one of the largest provinces in Iran. Semnan is the center and most populous city of this province. The province covers an area of 97,491 square kilometers, which is 5.9% of the total area of the country. This province is the seventh province in Iran in terms of area.

This province is limited to North Khorasan, Golestan and Mazandaran provinces from the north, to South Khorasan and Isfahan provinces from the south, to Khorasan Razavi province from the east and to Tehran and Qom provinces from the west. The presidents of Iran have been from this province from 2005 to 2021.

The province currently has 8 cities, 20 towns, 15 districts and 31 villages.

The cities of this province include: 1- Semnan 2- Shahroud 3- Damghan 4- Garmsar 5- Mahdishahr 6- Sorkheh 7- Miami 8- Aradan.



Natural and Climatic Features

Severe moisture erosion in the foothills of the western Zagros has caused arid and semi-arid areas in the central plateau of Iran and Semnan province. In the northern regions of Semnan province, due to its proximity to Mazandaran and Golestan provinces and benefiting from the humidity of the Caspian Sea, it has a forest environment with a humid climate. But the presence of Alborz mountain range prevents moisture from reaching the main cities of the province. This province has a lot of agricultural talent, and Shahroud apricots and grapes, Damghan pistachios, Shahmirzad walnuts, Semnan figs and pomegranates, Garmsar melon have a national reputation, but due to water shortage, a large part of the province is not cultivated and only two percent of the total area of the province is irrigated and rain fed. The main crops of this province are wheat, barley, potatoes, native and Varamini cotton, alfalfa, sainfoin, clover and sugar beet and pistachios. In terms of livestock, this area is in a relatively good condition due to its pastures. Semnan province with 5.5 million hectares of pastures and 2.5 million livestock units is one of the livestock centers of the country. Semnan province is one of the significant centers of handicrafts and one of the industrial region of the country. In this province, there are various handicrafts such as carpet weaving, kilim weaving, felt, ceramics and pottery, etc.

Geological studies show that the oldest formations from Paleolithic rocks to Quaternary alluviums exist in this area. There are rocks of the ancient period in the north of Semnan, and Sorkheh, around Shahmirzad and south of the heights of north of Damghan and Shahroud. Medieval stones can be seen in the north of Shahmirzad near Sheikh Cheshmeh. Tertiary sediments can be seen from Semnan to Ahavan and gypsum floors in the north of Sorkheh city. Therefore, dozens of gypsum factories and mines are active in this city (Sorkheh city) and several specialized gypsum industrial towns, and this city provides a large amount of gypsum consumed in the country. Quaternary rocks can also be seen from the northern mountains to the desert plain.



Semnan province is one of the significant centers of handicrafts in the country. In this province, there are various handicrafts such as carpet weaving, kilim weaving, felt weaving, ceramics and pottery, and each of them is a valuable souvenir for visitors to the province.


Industry and Mining

Implementing the approvals of the law establishing the Iran Industrial Towns Company in 1985, the Semnan Industrial Towns Company was established and started its activities. Semnan Industrial Towns Company currently has 11 approved industrial towns in Semnan, Damghan, Shahroud, Garmsar, Ivanki, Shahmirzad, Mahdishahr, Sorkheh, Aradan and specialized plaster towns of Abdolabad and Aftar in Sorkheh. It should be mentioned that 6 industrial zones of Lasjerd in Sorkheh, Yatri, Abarsij and Biarjamand in Shahroud, Foolad Mahalla in Mahdishahr, Seidabad in Damghan were transferred from Agricultural Jihad Organization of this province to this company.

According to the available information, in addition to industrial units in production, other significant units are under construction, of which the most units are located in Semnan city (56%) and the least units in Damghan city (13%). Due to the geological situation of the region, this province is one of the richest regions of the country for its mineral diversity. The active mines of the province are coal, chromite, gypsum, salt, silica, bisodite sulfate, dolomite, potash, industrial soils, copper, lead, zinc, bauxite, manganese, sulfur, phosphate and…

Also, having the first rank in the production of salt, sodium sulfate and gypsum, the second rank in the production of coal and also the third rank in the production of chromite in the whole country are other characteristics of this province.

Semnan Quds Power Plant and Shahid Bastami Power Plant in Shahroud are among the energy production sources in this area.


Shahmirzad is a tourist city

Shahmirzad to Tabari: Shamr Shahshahr is in Shahmirzad district in the north of Semnan province of Iran. This city is important in terms of tourism, history and agriculture. Shahmirzad center is 1935 meters above sea level.

In Dehkhoda dictionary, Shahmirzad is derived from "Shamrzad" meaning land with many pools and reservoirs and some people consider it suitable for Shemiran, a cold region.

Shahmirzad has cold winters and mild summers and is very green in terms of vegetation. It is also cooler than its neighbors. Walnut and plum are 2 products of Shahmirzad agriculture. The garden houses in different parts of this city has made it attractive for the presence of tourists in this region of Semnan province.