Accommodation Centers

Accommodation Centers


Tourism Hotel of Semnan

Here is one of the best hotels in Semnan, which is located in Moallem Square and has all the amenities, it has good service and delicious food.


Sangesar Hotel

The 3-star Sangsar Hotel is located 15 km from Semnan, in the pleasant climate of Mahdishahr, at the foot of the Alborz mountain range. The construction of the hotel started in 1973, it was put into operation in 1993. Also, it was purchased by the private sector in 2000 and has been beautifully renovated. This hotel was built on a land of 25,000 square meters, it has two separate buildings. Special architecture, silence and tranquility, beautiful scenery, cool and temperate climate are the prominent features of this hotel.




Pasargad Hotel

This hotel is located in a pleasant climate area with good amenities and excellent service. It is ready to host dear travelers.



Gotke Mall Hotel

This 5-star hotel has just been established and opened with facilities such as free breakfast, stylish and clean rooms, swimming pool, water park, etc. it is ready to host travelers.



Darband Hotel

Darband Hotel in Mahdishahr city is equipped with the most modern facilities, a beautiful and well-designed building, and beautiful view. The hotel consists of two separate buildings, in the main building of which there is a restaurant, reception halls and rooms, and there are duplex villas with 2 suites with all facilities in the other building of the hotel.