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When Is Norooz (Persian New Year) 2021?

This years: Sun, 21 Mar 2021

Modern Iranians start the ritual as the first sign of spring by cleaning their houses. They may even begin it a whole month before Nowruz. The concept of cleaning has a simile to remove any grudges from the heart. If two persons are in a sulk, they usually try to make it up. People go clothes shopping as well. They only wear new clothes while visiting each other in Nowruz. Everything should be clean and new before the new year comes. Another reason, people go shopping during this time is to buy stuff for Nowruz table. At this time of the year, if you walk on Iran’s streets you’ll face lots of shops or vendors selling green plants, aromatic flowers or playful goldfish.

Nowruz Table

One critical fact about Persian new year is Nowruz table. It should be set a few hours before the start of the new year, otherwise, it’s considered as a bad omen. The table is called ‘haft sin’ as Haft means Seven in Persian, which is a holy number and the sign of eternality. The letter ‘Sin’ in Persian is similar to the letter ‘s’ in English, so haft sin means to put seven objects that start with Sin on the table. We’re going to name all that is needed to have a ‘Haft Sin’ and also mention the philosophy behind each item.

One thing that all regions have in common during the Nowruz festival is the Nowruz table. The table consists of an arrangement of seven symbolic items that have names starting with the letter “seen” in the Farsi alphabets. Items could include Seeb (apple), Sabzeh (grass bowl), Sir(garlic), samanu (sweet wheat pudding), Senjed (dried oleaster wild olive fruit), Sekeh (coin), and serekh (Vinegar).

Apple is used as a symbol for creation energy and beauty. Grass bowl is used as rebirth and new beginnings. Sweet wheat pudding is used as a symbol for affluence. Dried oleaster wild olive fruit symbolizes love, while garlic is a symbol of health. Vinegar reminds us of elder wisdom and patience and last but not least, coin brings forth the symbol for the abundance of resources in the upcoming year. It is interesting to mention that even the American White House put a haft seen during Nowruz as a celebration of the spring coming.

Other Decorations

People use other symbolic objects, apart from these ‘haft sin’ items. Mostly decorations, which can cover the concept of the Nowruz table as well. For example, painted eggs, which is usually done by kids and makes them excited about working with different colors. It’s a sign of human races with different skin colors, which all should cooperate with each other to have a better world. The goldfish shows vitality and refreshments. Candles in the Haft Sin table are the signs of happiness and light in life and they’re normally the same number as family members. The mirror shows the infinite world of God and also clarity. A Bowl of water with tangerine floating on top shows the movement of the earth.

Nowruz Food

At the end of the year Nowruz comes, family members gather around the haft sin table while wearing their new clothes. They start praying and making wishes for their new year. They will usually have Sabzi Polo which is fish and rice cooked with vegetable as Nowruz food.

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